(Article Courtesy of WomenTalkSports.com)

After adjusting their collars, fluffing their pocket squares and straightening their ties, a new crop of NBA youngsters took take stage for the 2012 NBA Draft. Behind-the-scenes, the process of suiting up requires a draft day glam squad. Stylists were on-hand to be sure suits fit to perfection and barbers made sure players were well-coiffed for their big day. First impressions were important for these NBA newbies as they’d be judged not only for their basketball skills, but also for their fashion sense. Before the league’s rookies compete on the hardwood, draft day had them competing for best-dressed honors.

Draft styles have evolved over the years, as players now make a conscious effort to avoid NBA Draft fashion infamy. How did the incoming class rank in the suit game? A Glam Slam broke down the fashions from the 2012 NBA Draft:…

John Henson: Henson’s suit had a silver sheen, a color that complimented him well. A Carolina blue tie, in honor of Henson’s time at UNC, completed his draft day attire.