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Clarence Jones – CJ Custom Clothiers

CJ Custom Clothiers was founded in 1994 by Clarence Jones. Mr. Jones is a bespoke tailor and offers bespoke suits and shirts, which is clothing made to the customers specifications. Whether it’s for business attire or that special occasion, everyone needs that one suit that sets itself apart. CJ Custom Clothiers can help develop your look so you can dress the part.

Who is CJ Custom Clothiers?
CJ Custom Clothiers is a true custom clothier, dedicated to providing stellar customer service. Our company is focused on delivering fine, fit style suit made exclusively for the customer. Each suit and shirt is hand cut, giving the customer several selections from some of the finest fabrics, patterns (style) and fit. CJ Custom Clothiers prides itself on bespoke suits and shirts which are made to the customer’s specifications. The bespoke technique gives the customer choices and input in the making of his or her custom made garment. In keeping with stellar customer service, your Personal Professional Clothier will fit you at your convenience in your home or office. Your garment will then be hand delivered in approximately three weeks.

eLATION Magazine Feature Business
By Kimmie Robinson

Q. What is your name?
A. Clarence Jones Jr.

Q. What is the name of your company?
A. CJ Custom Clothiers

Q. Where is your home office located?
A. Memphis TN

Q. Why did you want to start your company?
A. I felt there was a need to teach people who wanted to dress.

Q. What sector do you serve?
A. USA and Abroad

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. 18 years

Q. How did you start your business?
A. I started my business with my best friend who is actually Tim Hardaway by making two shirts for his birthday

Q. Does your company serve in the community?
A. Yes, I volunteer my time by talking o children in the elementary and high school and do seminar on how to be successful and we also discuss entrepreneurship. I find it an honor to serve the children because it is the right thing to do. I enjoy sharing my success with the youth.

Q. How important is mentorship to you?
A. Mentoring is important. This is what has helped my business to grow. I enjoy sharing my life experiences and upbringing in Memphis, TN. I love talking to children who are inspired to become a fashion designer. I always express the importance of God first and a solid education.

Q. Who are your clients?
A. CJ Custom Clothiers clients are Lawyers, Doctors, Professional Athletes, etc.

Q. How do you market your clients?
A. Prayer and word of mouth

Q. How do you design someone style?
A. Most people like what I wear. So I go base on what I wear so I can self-advertise.

Q. Who inspires you each morning?

A. God inspires me but also the people who doubted my ability to be successful in this business. They motivated me to succeed.

Q. Why fashion?
A. I have always been a dresser since I was two years old. When I got to High School, I use to dress up for my basketball game. My High School Basketball Coach inspired me and fashion has always been in my blood.

Q. Who are some of your favorite designers?
A. Alan Flusser, Ralph Laruen, and Tom Ford

Q. What are your favorite colors?
A. My favorite colors are blue, lavender gray and pink shirts.

Q. How do you know the style your clients with like or approve
A. When I do a client consultation, I sit down and ask them what they and what are their favorite colors. I get ideas from award shows on the TV.

Q. Do you consider your company to be very unique in relating to the service you provide?
A. I am unique because I believe in personal customer service.

Q. You are a humble man of God, how do you handle the pressure of success?
A. I pray on that. In order to be successful, I had learn how to fall and get back up. If you cant handle failing you will a hard problem handling success.

Q. What does God mean to you?
A. He is my everything! He is the creator of creation! He has open many doors for me.

Q. What is your favorite book in the bible?
A. Jeremiah 17

Q. How did you maintain your focus in the beginning of your entity?

A. The hardest thing of starting a business was the competition and staying focus allows me to was to pray and ask for guidance.

Q. Do you consider yourself a successful person, if so why?
A. Yes, I enjoy what I am doing. I must give credit to the people who have help me with success.

Q. How can some one contact you for your services?
A. They can contact me at 901-378-8273 or cjcustomclothiers.cj@gmail.com
Please visit me at www.cjcustomclothiers.com